Israel Pants on fire

What about October 7?


Following are lies produced by the Hasbara (Zionist propagandist) for the purpose of creating confusion among those who are not well knowledgeable about the Palestinian struggle.

This is all a diversion. Debunking those lies is not even worth it.

Is a massacre an excuse for a Genocide?
If so, then a genocide is an excuse for a massacre!

20,000 Gazans killed by the Zionist occupation of “Israel”

They will be prosecuted for the damage done in Gaza. Does it really matter what happened on October 7? The answer is no! It no longer does.

  • Jewish students are not safe in Colombia University

    Gish galloping. The MSM were flooding the internet with how "unsafe" their students feel, to cover up for a discovered mass grave in Gaza.

  • The grandchildren are terrorists!

    The occupation killed 3 of Haniyah's sons, and four of his grandchildren, all children, and then celebrated by claiming they are all Hamas militants!

  • A second explosion after a drone strike

    A leek from an "Israeli" drone shows direct civilian assassination. The Zionist occupation soldiers have been doing that for months.

  • Albahbouh is an internal security of Hamas hiding in Alshifa hospital

    The Zionist occupation makes it a mission to target policemen in Gaza to create chaos, and prevent aids going into Northern Gaza. The occupation does not need an excuse to attack Alshifa hospital. That is what Genocide is.

  • Gazans were killed due to stampede over aid

    Ever since then, the Occupation IDF has committed another massacre over flour aid delivery killing tens every time.

  • UNRWA employees were involved in October 7

    The occupation and their allies have been ordered by the ICJ and being sued by nations, last being Nicaragua. UNRWA accusation is a distraction.

  • Hamas activity under graveyard

    Israel destroyed Palestinian cultural heritage as of the environmental damage caused by pumping seawater into Gaza’s aquifer, it isn't the only graveyard sabotaged. CNN says, no evidence found.

  • $10k for a rotten head - retrieved by IDF

    The IDF has exhumed a mass grave in which the bodies of 26 people were buried. The IDF withheld 150 bodies from AlShifa hospital, later returned with missing organs. They turned out a graveyard on January 18.

  • Blame hamas

    A group of civilian men in Gaza have been rounded up, hand cuffed, stripped, and under gun point, filmed them repeat "we blame hamas." The occupation has yet to confirm a single militant capture.

  • IDF locates Mohammed Deif's ID card, destroys Hamas leader's house

    Ahmad Yassin the founder of Hamas, 1987, was killed in an Israeli attack on 22 March 2004. While he was being wheeled out of an early morning prayer session in Gaza City. Hamas is an idea that cannot be terminated.

  • Hamas are surrendering by thousands

    The Israeli army stormed a school with refugees in Northern Gaza, took the men and shot the women and children. The blindfolded men have been identified as civilians.

  • The civilian death toll per airstrike is historically low

    As per Haaretz (not that it is a trustworthy source) The Israeli Army Has Dropped the Restraint in Gaza, and the Data Shows Unprecedented Killing

  • Gang rapes

    Tantura massacre occurred in 1948, the occupation soldiers admitted to have raped and killed and displaced Palestinians.

  • Hamas rapes women and mistreats prisoners

    Palestinian teen was raped in Israeli custody according to Ex-US official. Female detainees are regularly abused and threatened with rape.

  • Hamas faked dead babies using dolls

    Reem, the soul of the soul of her grandfather, was taken from him on November 28 by the Zionist occupation.

  • It's not a genocide

    The Zionist occupation has launched an attack on Gaza civilians killing at least 17000 people in 2 months. It is a genocide.

  • The death toll of Gazans is over estimated

    One, is one too many! To date, the Zionist occupation murdered thousands of civilians.

  • Hamas website

    Don't click on this clickbait. A telegram channel for extreme brainwashed Zionists can be found here betulot72.

  • Israeli children in a cage

    The occupation through the West Bank places checkpoints throughout the city to make Palestinian lives unbearable.

  • Emily Hand's dead body

    A 3-year-old kidnapped by Zionist occupation in the West Bank to pressure his father. This is a known strategy.